Katherine Goldstein, Generous Genius

Katherine Goldstein is as brilliant as they come. She shines brightly in a way that is welcoming and engaging. She is inclusionary and eager to leave this world much better than she found it in the name of working women. Those of us who read or listen to her never tire of her sharp and keenly observant point of view.

Katherine has followed her own path from traditional publishing career to a prestigious fellowship, which led her to be the voice to be heard in outlets including the New York Times. Now, with just days to go until the launch of her much-anticipated Double Shift podcast (yes, subscribe) we thought it a perfect time to give you a bit of Katherine in her own words.

Remember to share your back to work after baby story here and we will donate a package of diapers in your name to the DC Diaper Bank.

Read Katherine’s full story here.

Melanie Fonder Kaye, Caring Communicator


Melanie is a woman with not only the will but also the way! Building a career and a family at the same time is not a walk in the park and wow, does she ever pull it off with generosity and grace! Her work is always with an eye on the greater good. Having been a lead on Dr. Jill Biden’s team, she polished her skills and better still grew a “fan base” of individuals and organizations that call on Melaine and her remarkable talents as a caring communicator to advance conversations, to protect and elevate issues and advocate for those who need her commitment and smarts. Yes, Melanie, a friend of the It’s Working Project is all that and more!

Read on to learn how she does what she does. Click here for Melanie’s full story.

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Tina Lee, Dedicated Doer

Tina Lee is a deeply dedicated doer. A native San Franciscan and technology professional  who saw the gap between the growing technology sector and the mothers (and others!) who were eager to get themselves moving in a new direction and into the new economy, Tina got thinking. Thus MotherCoders was born.

Tina is passionate. She speaks regularly on topics that bring to life the growth and success of women including digital inclusion and workforce development.

As MotherCoders grows so does Tina’s commitment to meeting not only the skills but social needs of women re-entering the workforce. Workshops are made for learning and growing in all directions — she is that good! And those who have had the privilege of working with her carry the confidence that is the truest signature of MotherCoders!

Next up — New York. Look for Tina and MotherCoders to hit the Big Apple in 2019 with programs that promise more of the same in partnership with google and Mothers. NYC Tina and team will be there for moms looking to re-enter, expand and explore new directions.

There really is only one Tina Lee. We are in awe of all she has accomplished in the name of mothers. As for Tina as a mother in the workplace – we thought we’d share her story with you as part of our celebration of the Spirit of Giving.

Please share your story with us allowing all mothers to find success however they define it! Click here to share your story now and we will donate a pack of diapers in your name to the DC Diaper Bank.

Read Tina’s full story here.

Heidi Zak, Super Supportive

How is it possible to be wildly successful and super supportive of women at the same time? Heidi Zak has found a way. Making it look easy with her boundless energy and spirit, she breaks barriers, and dares to disrupt in the name of women offering game-changing product as well as a  discreet distribution network that speaks to how women live now.  Mother of two and founder of Third Love (yes, those amazing bras) Zak is committed to getting it right in the name of women. Her Third Love will have donated well over 200,000 bras to women in need by the end of the year. These go to women in need both locally, domestically and internationally.

As for motherhood, she brings that experience to the table as well. Third Love offers nursing bras as well as bras in half sizes which help to ease the frustration of a newly changed body after baby and the fitting challenges that come with it.

Heidi has been there and done that. We wanted to share a bit of her backstory and remind you that your story is an outstanding way to offer support to at risk women.

Remember to share your story here and the It’s Working Project will donate a package of diapers in your name.

Read Heidi’s full story here.

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The Spirit Of Giving – Corinne Cannon and the DC Diaper Bank


The DC Diaper Bank is approaching it’s ten year anniversary. The number of families served and the power of this much-needed care and support points directly to the amazing tour de force that is the remarkable Corinne Cannon. She has not done this alone, not by a long shot. And that is all part of Corinne’s magic.  A decade ago, she realized that there was an extreme unmet need. One in five families in the greater DC metro area live below the federal poverty level, and zero percent of their diaper needs are met by food stamps or subsidies. Corinne set out to answer the call. And with that she brought with her a universe of able and eager volunteers to meet the need. Corinne gives the word driven an whole new meaning. And we wanted to share a bit about her work as well as Corinne’s world as a working mother.

We are kicking off our week of giving by not only shining a spotlight on Corinne and the DC Diaper Bank, but also offering a simple way to be part of the solution. Share your story and the It’s Working Project will donate a package of diapers in your name. Click here to share your story.

Read Corinne’s full story here.