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The It’s Working Project is committed to creating synergistic strategies for caregivers and their work/campus place.

IWP skills and experience translate into the immediate needs of PUMP and PWFA compliance. An employee-centric approach results in positive ROI in measurable ways – increasing recruitment, retention and media amplification/reputation.

Having coined the term Panini Generation, we are mindful of the full spectrum of ways in which the pressure of life in a post-sandwich generation culture is a messy challenge in need of attention, amplification and commitment to improvement.



By gathering first person narratives, we are able to make sense of how It’s Working. We are painting a compellingly candid portrait of mothers, fathers, sons and daughters in the American workplace, on college campuses and beyond.

There are millions of unique stories — and we are listening. We are creating a comprehensive view, a mosaic of personal narratives to uncover rich, compelling and starkly honest depictions of life as a family in America.

The It’s Working Project was founded by Forty Weeks, which has, since 1999 dedicated its mission to communicating with, and on behalf of families. From advocacy to relatable content, our ability to engage and amplify with authenticity has set us apart. We are not only trusted, we are passionate. We take tremendous pride in all we have accomplished. The It’s Working Project is the next step in our story. Since 2013, we have continued our commitment to telling the truest story of sustainability and growth in America through the sharp, highly personal lens of those living the experience as a working family member.

Now, as we expand focus, including raising graduation rates for mothers attending community colleges as well as the urgent call around elder- care, we do so by using our ability to listen and amplify to meet real-time needs.



Broader and more comprehensive than ever, our work moves from identifying needs and trends to designing and executing new policies and practices for organizations who seek to create communities and support their own. Our partnerships and strategies address the power of authentic cultural shifts and underscore commitment and success as a point of pride to be shared both internally and externally. Our work includes helping to make sense of the narrative as well – moving from idea to implementation with a keen eye on brand and amplification.



Founded by Julia Beck, our purpose and our passion is to actively support the American workforce and the private sector to develop strategies for supporting working families, keeping them engaged at work and at home with ease, as a matter of course and with a sense of pride.

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Julia Beck

Julia Beck, founder of the It’s Working Project has been an active and engaged industry innovator for more than 25 years. As the category’s definitive elder statesman and strategic partner, Julia and her team have been on the leading edge of the conversation and challenges at the center of the expectant and parent universe. Julia’s unique perch and her cadre of cross-industry connections have led her on a path that at once supports women and families and also sees unmet needs in a way that allows for private sector engagement as a winning tool for all.  While Julia is “all ears” and an advocate of policy shifts, she remains squarely committed to the idea that the shortest path to much-needed solutions lie in partnerships and private sector commitments to paradigm shifts