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Welcome to the It’s Working Project Blog – where we continue to follow the evolving story of back to work with baby in America. Here you will find pieces that feature or have been authored by Julia Beck. You will see what has captured our imagination and who we are applauding, encouraging and elevating.

We’re committed to providing a comprehensive, honest view of what work looks like for American parents. The It’s Working Project Blog is where we share what’s making headlines and sometimes, making heads spin! Join us as we make sense of the quickly shifting landscape, join the conversation, share your story and invite others as we continue to explore what It’s Working means.
Mother’s Day Gifts (for me) Guide
  It’s getting to be Mother’s Day around these parts, And you know, my kids are not – in fact...
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Must Keep Laughing There is little to laugh about these days. I can spell it out, list the horrors –...
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Amazon Prime Day
Prime for the New Mom
  You’ve heard us say it over and again – with every baby a new mother is born. And,with Amazon...
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Smartless Podcast
  Must Keep Laughing There is little to laugh about these days. I can spell it out, list the horrors...
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Make It Stop
Make It Stop
  MAKE IT STOP CHECK For many, the month of May means an endlessly filling inbox rife with reasons...
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Summer intern wanted
Summer Intern
The It’s Working Project is thrilled to open applications for our summer internship. Our commitment to...
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Philly Pretzel
National Pretzel Day
  What could National Pretzel Day possibly have to do with professional growth? It turns out –...
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Shower the Day Away
  I was so very impressed with KOVAL president, Dr. Sonat Birnecker’s advice. She suggested...
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Sunday Morning - DC
  Last was a busy week. Among the moments, I had the great fortune of two extraordinary phone calls...
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Are you Listening to a Podcast or Just Ignoring Me?
  ARE YOU LISTENING TO A PODCAST OR JUST IGNORING ME? Maybe Both… Dog walking is absolutely a time...
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Long January
LONG JANUARY   Somehow this month, this January feels endless. Or so it seems.  Short days, long...
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The Gift of Your Story Banner
The Gift of Your Story
  Sometimes I imagine that I have nothing else to do but listen. Listen to stories of how we find...
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