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Welcome to the It’s Working Project Blog – where we continue to follow the evolving story of back to work with baby in America. Here you will find pieces that feature or have been authored by Julia Beck. You will see what has captured our imagination and who we are applauding, encouraging and elevating.

We’re committed to providing a comprehensive, honest view of what work looks like for American parents. The It’s Working Project Blog is where we share what’s making headlines and sometimes, making heads spin! Join us as we make sense of the quickly shifting landscape, join the conversation, share your story and invite others as we continue to explore what It’s Working means.

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Simple Tips to Get Through the Time Change
  As October winds down, the winds pick up, temperatures drop and we begin to prepare ourselves...
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The Year of the Memoir
    Note: it is only August, I have much reading to do. Still as my summer of reading winds...
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The Tale of Openly Discussing PPD
The Tale of Openly Discussing PPD
  Once Upon a Time, In Bethesda, Maryland Lately, I have been having wonderful luck finding denim...
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The way the cookie crumbles
The Way The Cookie Crumbles
An Intimate, Cautionary Tale… Our History is long, and old. You still make me tingle and feel positively...
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Writing For First Timers
There is something powerful about listening to and really growing through a writing assignment. I have...
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  I was taking a little stroll down memory lane. There I found the last piece I published pre-pandemic,...
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Sweet and Sour Moms
Our Beloved Sweet & Sour Moms Came To Us with the Winds of March
    March is ending. A year of our new reality in the books. To say that this has been a year...
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How to Find Your Mentor
How to Find Your Mentor
  I have been spending a great deal of time getting to know the world of ClubHouse. What a remarkable...
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Meet Our Partner Sandy Abrams
Meet our Partner - Sandy Abrams, Founder of C.E.Om and Author of Breathe to Succeed
  Before I took a keystroke, or even began to think about the effervescent Sandy Abrams, I took...
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Meet our Partner - Heidi Raunch, Co-Founder of Belabumbum
  Heidi Rauch is about as authentically interested in and deeply committed to the well-being of...
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Meet our Partner - Ashley Connell, CEO and Founder of the Prowess Project
  Prowess Project CEO and Founder, Ashley Connell is big on the “F word” — in fact I don’t...
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Why we do what we do
Why Do We Do What We Do and Will You Do it Too?
  These are head spinning days. With each day come new complexities and challenges. We are up to...
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