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Welcome to the It’s Working Project Blog – where we continue to follow the evolving story of back to work with baby in America. Here you will find pieces that feature or have been authored by Julia Beck. You will see what has captured our imagination and who we are applauding, encouraging and elevating.

We’re committed to providing a comprehensive, honest view of what work looks like for American parents. The It’s Working Project Blog is where we share what’s making headlines and sometimes, making heads spin! Join us as we make sense of the quickly shifting landscape, join the conversation, share your story and invite others as we continue to explore what It’s Working means.

Parent Zero: Will You Be the Workplace Disruptor?
The first time I thought about Parent Zero was ten years ago. My now friend and then new client (fun...
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Trump: Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off
Pandering is not Progress How did the impulsive candidate begin to notice not only other people...
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How to End up on the Winning Side of August
According to Baby Center data from 2013, more babies are born in August than any other month. The second,...
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The Mother of All Days
There are a lot of people celebrating the 5 year anniversary of National Breastfeeding Month. And good...
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Not Just Another Night in Philly-town: Oh Mama — the Amazing First Lady that Could!
 Oh Mama — the Amazing First Lady that Could! What a remarkable night in Philadelphia. Sure, I am proud...
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Renoir in Retrospect
July 2013 I left Philadelphia in 1985. I was bright-eyed, ambitious and hungry for life’s experiences....
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“Face it, Jared, being too early is the same as being wrong.”
Cast of Silicon Valley, HBO Maybe just maybe I watched the season finale of Silicon Valley without my...
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Not for the Weak — a Week for Women in DC #UnitedStateofWomen #StarttheConvo
Secretary of Labor Tom Perez with Melanie Fonder Kaye and Baby Cooper! It was a whirlwind of a day at...
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What He Said — POTUS on How We Get There From Here #unitedstateofwomen
This week Washington, DC hosts the United State of Women Summit in Washington, DC. Today President Obama,...
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UNITED STATE OF WOMEN The White House Summit
We’ve been to a few rodeos! I know, I know — we are all gathering in DC next week to talk the important...
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The Young Mother and the Bathroom
It is all in the lens I had a great lunch date — the same one I had for breakfast actually. This...
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Meternity is Just a Fantasy
Meternity Sometime I fantasize about being someone else. Fantasy is a part of the human experience. I...
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