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Welcome to the It’s Working Project Blog – where we continue to follow the evolving story of back to work with baby in America. Here you will find pieces that feature or have been authored by Julia Beck. You will see what has captured our imagination and who we are applauding, encouraging and elevating.

We’re committed to providing a comprehensive, honest view of what work looks like for American parents. The It’s Working Project Blog is where we share what’s making headlines and sometimes, making heads spin! Join us as we make sense of the quickly shifting landscape, join the conversation, share your story and invite others as we continue to explore what It’s Working means.

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More and More Moms Are Renting Hotel Rooms Amid the Pandemic
  In the media: In Style Date published: October 6, 2020   As homes become offices, gyms, schools,...
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Student parents
Student Parents and the Pandemic
We are so thrilled that we’ve expanded the It’s Working Project to include a broader range of parents...
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Mothers on the verge
Mothers on the Verge
  I have been thinking about, writing about, and remaining curious about the young mothers in my...
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It's Working Project
4 Strengths of Family-Friendly Work Cultures
  In the media: Harvard Business Review Date: September 14, 2020   As Covid-19 grew into a...
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Labor Day is Looking Well, Laborious
  It is the start of a long, Labor Day weekend. I’ve got a good book and some yoga on my mind. Here...
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  It’s true – (thank you Cheryl Crow for recording a song that serves as a bit of a parenthood...
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Here’s What’s Cute About A Postpartum Mom
NOTHING For 21+ Years Forty Weeks and the It’s Working Project have worked to raise and maintain awareness...
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Some inside intelligence - Julia Beck shares the skinny!
Julia Beck shares her wisdom on keeping mothers thriving in the workplace.
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Loving family concept
The Support Story
This topic remains top of my regular private sector agenda and close to my heart. Newly pregnant women,...
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Katherine Goldstein, Generous Genius
Katherine Goldstein is as brilliant as they come. She shines brightly in a way that is welcoming and...
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Melanie Fonder Kaye
Melanie Fonder Kaye, Caring Communicator
  Melanie is a woman with not only the will but also the way! Building a career and a family at...
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Tina Lee, Dedicated Doer
Tina Lee is a deeply dedicated doer. A native San Franciscan and technology professional  who saw the...
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