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Welcome to the It’s Working Project Blog – where we continue to follow the evolving story of back to work with baby in America. Here you will find pieces that feature or have been authored by Julia Beck. You will see what has captured our imagination and who we are applauding, encouraging and elevating.

We’re committed to providing a comprehensive, honest view of what work looks like for American parents. The It’s Working Project Blog is where we share what’s making headlines and sometimes, making heads spin! Join us as we make sense of the quickly shifting landscape, join the conversation, share your story and invite others as we continue to explore what It’s Working means.

It's Not Working at Amazon: Julia Cheiffetz Shares Her Story
Source: Julia Cheiffetz shares her story of how It’s really Not Working at Amazon.  Cheiffetz,...
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Despite Progress, It's Still Not Working for Women
Source: National Urban Media The U.S. has been making great strides towards gender equality in recent...
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The Real War on Families: It's Not Working in the U.S.
  Source: In These Times A recent investigation reveals that nearly 1 in 4 employed mothers are...
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All Work, No Life at Amazon
photo credit: Ruth Fremson/The New York Times   It’s not working at Amazon, where employees...
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Birth: From Solitary to Social (Media) Experience
Source: the New York Times. It’s working in unexpected ways for moms in the maternity ward, where...
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Nursing Lounge at Nationals Park: It’s Working Project Gets a First Look
The It’s Working Project applauds initiatives that support families in all aspects of life: work, home...
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It's Working Project in the News: Netflix and Parental Leave
Source: Netflix Everyone is talking about Netflix and its new maternity and paternity leave policy. But...
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Pumping at Work: Trial and Error
Source: Coming off a recent piece from Fortune on the secret society of executive women– it...
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It's Working Project in the News
Source: Fast Company, “How the Astronomical Cost of Child Care is Forcing More Women...
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Donald Trump Missteps: This Time on Breastfeeding Moms
Babies need to eat, sometimes even in the middle of depositions. Sometimes even if it inconveniences...
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The Hidden Cost of Longer Maternity Leave
Source: The UK is often praised for its policy granting up to 52 weeks of...
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Millennials: Generation of Planners
Source: After seeing their own mothers struggle to balance work and family life,...
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