Nursing Lounge at Nationals Park: It’s Working Project Gets a First Look


The It’s Working Project applauds initiatives that support families in all aspects of life: work, home and perhaps most importantly, play. So, naturally, we were thrilled to get a sneak-peek at the Lansinoh Nursing Lounge at Nationals Park- a project inspired by a petition on

We had the opportunity to speak with Gina Cicatelli Ciagne, Vice President of Healthcare and Media Relations at Lansinoh, who shared:

“Moms are fans, too and we want to make sure this is a comfortable place for mothers to come.”

And comfortable it is- The fully outfitted nursing lounge includes cozy chairs, electrical outlets and tables positioned specifically to accommodate breast pumps, privacy drapes, changing tables, room for small children to play and, of course, TVs to keep up with the game. Talk about a home run!

We have to applaud both Lansinoh and the Washington Nationals for making sure It’s Working for new mothers. Whether it’s an outing to the ballpark with family or good friends- everyone deserves to enjoy the game!


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