It's Working Project


From education to analysis we have got your back. And we move quickly, allowing you to keep your eye on business. How we can help:

Pump Staion with electric
Pump Chair
Caring For You Currated Support
Ameda Hospital Grade Pump
Pump Trolley
Ameda Accessory Kit
Zibby’s Books Currated Library
Full Length Mirror
Baby Face Cork Board
Personalized Storage
Launch Event
Internal Communications Program
External Communications Program
Customized Educational or Other Program


The introduction of PWFA and PUMP- two ground-breaking Federal Laws that redefine the workplace landscape are specific and in effect. The It’s Working Project will help you to understand and execute with ease. There are opportunities baked into these legislative shifts. Will you simply comply or make the choice to elevate to culture defining best-in- class? We are here to help you define your path, goals and best-practices. From location and employee-centric analysis and planning, education and execution – we have got your back. Better still, we move quickly, allowing you to keep your eye on business.
Audit and Evaluation, Facilitated Strategy Sessions, Active Collaboration and launch:
  • Pumping Room Locations and Build Out
  • Break Management Structure
  • Caring For You – Curated Support Programs
  • Discounted Rates of Durable Medical Products including Hospital Grade Pumps
  • Customized Education Programs
  • Internal Communications Programs
  • Launch Event
  • External Communications Programs


What’s the plan? Trying to make sense of the next phase of growth? You have found yourself the right partner. This is Julia’s favorite way to spend a few days – digging in with smart, passionate people designing the “what’s next” with open minds, expert insight and a call to rise to the next level.

Facilitated Strategy Sessions Active Collaboration

  • Priorities
  • Budgets
  • Timing
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Tactical Prioritization
  • ESG
  • Sales and Distribution Planning
  • Alliances and Partnerships
  • Definition of KPIs, Metrics and goals


Julia’s ability to bring data to life via personal narratives in relatable, candid ways is truly her signature. Even more exciting are her speaking engagements. Julia’s warmth and transparency make connections straightforward, allowing Ms. Beck to connect with your audience in engaging, memorable ways. She is an outstanding panel leader with an eye for a well-rounded conversation and audience participation
Public Speaking, Panel and Roundtable leadership, On-Site and Digital Sessions and more – Ms. Beck has aligned with a broad range of outlets including:
  • Category Leadership Commentary
  • Podcast Participant/Guest
  • Content Development
  • Harvard Business Review
  • Harvard Business Review Books
  • The Washington Post
  • The Chicago Tribune
  •  InStyle
  •  Bloomberg
  • American Baby Magazine
  • Many more..


Who are you anyway? There is always a clear lane, a place that is yours – the question – what and where is it? And how will you define and own that space? That is the work.
  • New Brand Definition and Launch
  • Brand Refresh Evaluation and Execution
  • Brand Expansion
  • ESG
  • Consumer Facing Tools and Tactics
  • Industry Facing Alignment and Action
  • Messaging Clarification, Elevation and Amplification
  • Brand and Messaging Expanded Uses
  • On-Brand Community Engagement Programs
  • Aligned Partnerships
  • Non-profit Identity Solidification
  • Market Leadership and Early Adaptation

Internal Communication Options

You have established your internal commitments. You have reached a culture defining milestone. As such, your pledge and your promises will benefit from an internal communication plan that underscore cultural expectations and growth opportunities. Well-honed Internal communications makes the overarching and specific clear to all.

External Communication Options

You have reached a culture defining milestone. Your commitment not only speaks to your organization on a multitude of levels, it is media worthy. Additionally, it presents opportunities to provide similar support to mothers throughout your community.
  • Management Training
  • Policy Bible
  • Support and Peer Programming
  • Community Service and Support
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Amplification Planning
  • ESG
  • Multi-departmental Focus
  • Story Sharing
  • Pilot Research
  • White Paper