The Young Mother and the Bathroom

It is all in the lens

I had a great lunch date — the same one I had for breakfast actually. This particular date seems to take for granted that I will be keeping my eyes on the action around me. And we are both OK with that.

Today, at lunch, I saw a young mother, confident and quite lovely. The mother was pushing a baby girl in her stroller though one of the new restaurants in Bethesda, Maryland.

This mother was was confident (which I always love to see) and making her way to a table for four in the corner. Next, I see her get up, move her entire set-up to the ladies room with the manager leading the way.


I ask the manager to stay a second after he delivers my crudité and dips.

“I am wondering — I saw you show that mother to the ladies room… Did she ask to use the ladies room to feed her baby?”

He smiles, “No m’am she did not”. We don’t have our changing table installed yet. I offered to create a make-shift one out of a beverage cart and napkins”. “And, I would never suggest a woman feed a baby in a bathroom”


(He is proud)

(I am thrilled)

And that is what progress looks like on this Monday…

Nothing radical

Nothing ground-breaking

Or expensive or newsworthy –

Well not unless you count our culture shifting right under our feet on this Monday in May particularly newsworthy.

At the It’s Working Project we most certainly do!

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