Simple Tips to Get Through the Time Change


As October winds down, the winds pick up, temperatures drop and we begin to prepare ourselves for the next season– there is change in the air! Cooler, shorter days are ahead but first – a little trick (we call that one the end of daylight savings time on November 7) and of course some treats including Halloween bounty and perhaps just one more silly pumpkin flavored something!

To help ease the challenges of the shorter, darker days for working parents, we reached out to our old friend and sage parenting expert Lisa Spiegel to share her insights for surviving the bi-annual changing of the clocks.

Here is what Soho Parenting Co-Founder Lisa Spiegel, MA, LMHC, had to share:


Simple Tips to Get Through the Time Change:

  • Think of it like jet lag: stick to your regular schedule as much as possible and give some time for your child’s body to adjust.
  • Capitalize on darker early evenings to get your baby or child to sleep nice and early-before 8 pm.
  • Don’t make a bigger deal of it than it is— kids adjust to the time change within a few days or at most a few weeks.


Speaking of good things coming in threes, we have had the full houses of one of our beloved Portrait Project parents on our minds. How does she do it? Is the third one truly the charm? We wanted to share an updated version of one  of our favorite interviews with a woman who not only runs remarkable enterprises (yes plural), she is also at the helm of homes and families that serve as an inspiration for us all.


Former fashion executive turned influencer, Stroller in the City founder, Brianne Manz is a dear friend of the It’s Working Project — she has been an endless source of support to our work on behalf of working parents, and also a shining example of what is possible. Since day one of the Project (and before that via Forty Weeks), her friendship and care have left an indelible mark on our work. Brianne’s positive perspective on her days and nights spent in perpetual motion – raising three kids in New York City while also running an ever-evolving business makes clear that steering a highly successful professional and personal ship takes not just energy but ingenuity. And she’s got it. Meet Brianne…


Brianne Manz