Sunday Morning – DC


Last was a busy week. Among the moments, I had the great fortune of two extraordinary phone calls with the powers that be at Vivvi. One was a drop in with co-founder Charles Bonello and one an overdue with new hire Jessica Pallay now editorial director. Lucky me!


As a long-time fan of Vivvi there is always much to catch-up on. And with Jessica , the fun of the conversation is in the journey. She is a writer who joins in with her optimism and curiosity ready to go! Do you miss New York?  Yes I truly do… And how about  DC? DC is a place where they advocate though rarely execute. Realy there is no action. Not a shifting culture type of town. Not the private sector type. Not the amplification, branding, defining strategic play. Nope, DC thinks differently. Here the dialog is incredibly stimulating, empowering and it does create a feeling of possibility (some days). And New York?  And of course, I miss my incredible network of friends and associates. I miss my other world. And I miss the spontaneity of it all. 


And for now, for this moment, deep in winter, on the cusp of the two year anniversary of Covid –  I am in DC. 


It is Sunday Morning. Compass Coffee in Spring Valley, DC is full. I am waiting. If I were to close my eyes maybe, just maybe the smell of lovingly roasted and brewed coffee would help me to pretend I was in New York, waiting at Birch Coffee for my morning fix. But my ears are open too – and I am flooded with those uniquely DC idioms – 

I heard this on NPR

He applied for the fellowship

She is freelance grant writing while she waits for a position to open up at the NGO


And one more, so deeply DC, from my husband, Bob Mazer:

I think we will make it just in time for Meet the Press!

And he is right, we will!