Shower the Day Away


I was so very impressed with KOVAL president, Dr. Sonat Birnecker’s advice. She suggested that mothers take long showers as it might be the only time you get to yourself.

Well, I couldn’t agree more. My pre-bed shower is always much-appreciated, and hard-earned. Not only is there quiet – in my case, it is an opportunity to curate the mood, bring the day’s tension and the adrenaline down and dream of, well, a dreamy night’s sleep.

For me, this includes a selection of products. Beware, these are my gems and as such – on the luxe side of things (read as not inexpensive and worth every cent). Here are some quick hacks to manage your way out of being priced out.

SAMPLES – ask and ye shall receive… really, just ask at your local Blue Mercury, Sephora or other keeper of the goods.
NEW CLIENT DISCOUNTS – some of my favorite brands including REN, Indie Lee, ShhhowerCap and others offer discounts for first-time clients, go that route.
WISH LIST – keep your list handy – you never know you will ask how they can support you.

And now the goods:

Sugar Scrub
I was an early adaptor to the line, and this was their first product. I like to take my time and let it both scrub and moisturize. The smell is incredible. And the grains feel just right.

Moroccan Rose Otto SugarBody Polish
This delight is ever-so-lightly scented making it nearly impossible to overdo…just pure relaxation.

De-stress Mind Bath and Shower Oil.
Use sparingly, like a careful ritual. A small amount goes a very long way. Fills the shower with the most perfect scent – consider it an invitation to let go of the day and make your way to sleep.


Indie Lee
Sleep Body Wash
No words, just ahhhh! This is my most recent find and new love. I combine the shower product with a few fabulous sprays of their Pillow Mist and declare the day done.


Finally, the perfect showercap. Come on – who washes their hair everyday? I know!!! And yes I own, gift and suggest this to anyone who will listen…I hope you are listening! Right now I am crazy for the Novel and the Stir – how about you? And better still, I found a discount.