Are you Listening to a Podcast or Just Ignoring Me?



Maybe Both…

Dog walking is absolutely a time to think about something else. I actually love the cold – bundled up and walking Ms. Addie is such a great gift. When people throw around the idea of self care, I am one of the first to remind, that it includes space just for you.




Though even in that space, it is hard to find the still. Thus the walk and listen…

So I have a plan that involves meditation for true quiet and self-focus (that would be Peloton, thank you Aditi, Chelsea and Kristen). And Podcasts for the walking win. Learn a little, lose yourself a little. Here is what I am listening to these days:


No Stupid Questions – A reminder I have a mind-crush on Stephen Dubner –  as in he was a central part of my last big birthday. Here he pairs with Angela Duckworth (she is all kinds of fabulous and spends her days teaching and researching at Penn), authoring GRIT and keeping this podcast rich on humor and sharp POVs. Posting weekly, I am never (or have not been so far) disappointed.

No Stupid Questions Podcast

Women at Work – Oh how I love this brilliant and dedicated threesome. Amy, Amy and Emily are my IT GIRLS! Together they share insights on what is happening, where we might be going and yes, how – as in options. It is a well curated bag of it all – the good, bad and SOS calls for action. The conversations are careful to consider multiple points of view and the guests add a extra layer of valuable insight.

Women at Work Podcast

Table Manners – I am mad for this mother daughter duo. Jesse Ware and her super fabulous and perhaps too honest mum, Lennie are all kinds of off-the-charts delicious!  They are equal parts fans and foodies. And the best part – they are so much fun their guests seem quick to catch the vibe and enjoy the laughter, love and always libations (bubbles, yes please!) in the room!

Table Manners Podcast

Miracle and Wonder – The triad of Paul Simon, Malcolm Gladwell and Bruce Headlam are having the best time. It feels like we are all curious and cannot wait for the next episode. Paul is generous with this genius and backstory. I adore that he really does not want to put down his guitar or keep anything about his childhood, relationships and world-view to himself. I am likely to listen again. It is really that good! 

Miracle and Wonder Podcast


Pop Culture Happy Hour – you don’t know what you are missing – which is why I listen. If I don’t know about what to watch, listen to, try, etc. –  now I do. And if I have, the crew adds a new perspective.  Most recently an episode on Abbot Elementary really helped me to reframe the show in my own mind. I am a fan of Linda Holmes – new book out this Spring y’all – and she gathers an amazing, quirky and smart crew to her party.

Pop Culture Happy Hour Podcast