Make It Stop




For many, the month of May means an endlessly filling inbox rife with reasons to celebrate and, yes, spend around Mother’s Day. For those who have experienced loss around motherhood, in any of its forms, including: 

  • PPD
  • Pregnancy Loss
  • Stillbirth
  • Loss of Mother
  • Poor Relationship with Mother

Mother’s day solicitations can feel like an onslaught of painful reminders. With each refresh comes the potential of yet another uncomfortable jolt of a range of complicated bereavement, not easy stuff. This year, some wonderfully caring brands have taken a kinder approach. Blue Mercury, Dana RebeccaUrban Stems, 1-800 Flowers, Frye, Blue Bottle Coffee, EtsyMaman, and others have offered to remove anyone who asks from these lists. This reflects not only cultural sensitivity, but authentic interest in the health of the relationship between brand and customer. 

While sites may still push Gifts and ways to honor Moms, at least one’s email is free of the suggestion turned trigger. 

Thank you to the brands who took the time to think this one through. Thank you to the executives who are showing their understanding of consumer-facing respect. And to those who, despite the money to be made from this “holiday,” know that their reputation for care is worth more…


Make It Stop