Mother’s Day Gifts (for me) Guide


It’s getting to be Mother’s Day around these parts, And you know, my kids are not – in fact they are far away (I am open to surprises and prepared for no smiling faces at my table).

So it seems I need to go gifting for myself. And that means, calling in the big brains behind the best brands – or at least the ones I trust to plan my mother’s day gift just for me. 

For those of you who know me, you will say “of course” – and for those of you who are getting to know me a bit more, here is some intel that will help paint the picture. 

Book It

Yes, I read (giant understatement). The idea of a rainy day and a new book is about as good as it gets. I love to wander Indie Bookstores ISO the best new volumes and then snuggle up with them for a journey into another person’s world. My call – Zibby Owens, the dedicated book Goddess behind Zibby’s Books In Santa Monica, California. Her pick – Super Bloom by Megan Tilly. I am ready to crack the volume and settle in, thank you Zibby! 

Luxe Lounge

No relaxed moment is complete without something that says snuggle. I checked in with my friends at Soma. In short – they offer three things that speak my language Cropped – fits just right! Cool – yes, yes keep those cool fabrics coming – I am flashing and need that cooling fabric to keep me feeling a lil less flashy!  And last, but not least, Chic – a bit better than PJ, lounge speaks the language of style. Read this as – perfect for all day! I picked something that said easy breezy to me… 

Fruity Flames

Otherland Candles had me at hello. Amanda uses her imagination to bring memories and moments to life. Suggested was Stone fruit. It smells like a post-farmer’s market kitchen – ripe with peaches, plums and nectarines. It could be a cobbler – and I prefer the candle! Yes, yes – that is just what I need to bring some olfactory magic to my vibe. 

Silky Smooth

Nothing says soft and smells so good like Trish McEvoy’s Blackberry and Vanilla Musk 9 Cream. Beyond the fragrance (and yes, the vanilla does marry well with the fruited candle) I get lost in a rich, soothing cream. Once applied, the whole of me melts into the moment – ideal for this Mother’s Day, one that certainly calls for a bit of mellow, soothing quiet. It is day or sleep friendly and leaves skin completely reinvigorated. 

So now you know – my bountiful gift to me suggested by Zibby’s Books, Soma, Otherland and Trish McEvoy. If you give any or all of it  a try, I would love to hear your thoughts. In the meantime – see you on the other side of a love -filled weekend. Celebrating you, the mothers – old, young, close, far – may you always be seen for the contribution you have made and may you always be celebrated in ways that allow for time alone to just be the glory that is you!