Heidi Zak, Super Supportive

How is it possible to be wildly successful and super supportive of women at the same time? Heidi Zak has found a way. Making it look easy with her boundless energy and spirit, she breaks barriers, and dares to disrupt in the name of women offering game-changing product as well as a  discreet distribution network that speaks to how women live now.  Mother of two and founder of Third Love (yes, those amazing bras) Zak is committed to getting it right in the name of women. Her Third Love will have donated well over 200,000 bras to women in need by the end of the year. These go to women in need both locally, domestically and internationally.

As for motherhood, she brings that experience to the table as well. Third Love offers nursing bras as well as bras in half sizes which help to ease the frustration of a newly changed body after baby and the fitting challenges that come with it.

Heidi has been there and done that. We wanted to share a bit of her backstory and remind you that your story is an outstanding way to offer support to at risk women.

Remember to share your story here and the It’s Working Project will donate a package of diapers in your name.

Read Heidi’s full story here.

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