Meet our Partner – Sandy Abrams, Founder of C.E.Om and Author of Breathe to Succeed


Before I took a keystroke, or even began to think about the effervescent Sandy Abrams, I took time to breathe. It is later in the day, and not my “prime time” and (thankfully!) through Sandy I have learned how to harness my energy and my creativity even as the day begins to turn to evening. So three fabulous, slow exhales later, I think I am ready to tell you about my friend and a great source of inspiration to me for nearly 20 years – the remarkable Sandy Abrams. 


We first met in the suburbs of Washington, DC. We had young children. We drove in circles – from preschool to activities and home again. I was launching a business, she was years ahead of me. She was open, generous and energetic with her time and knowledge. She still is. 


Since those days many things have changed. Our children are older. Sandy and her family have moved to California. She has become a woman of peaceful note —  a dedicated contributor who gets the biggest, most holistic picture. Her ability to bring a sense of connection and authentic care to one’s self is a coveted, attainable value – and this has captured the attention of many – from Oprah to wellness curators across the globe. She can be found at wellness retreats, company gatherings and if you are truly lucky, taking the time to simply be present together. They know what I am about to share with you — Sandy is the real deal. 


Her latest book, Breathe to Succeed is the latest in her C.E.Om brand. She is all about taking charge mindfully. Sandy teaches how as she shares her insights and intelligence with love and care. Beyond books, Sandy also keeps the door open for time with those looking to dig deeper. Sandy currently leads “Breathe to Succeed”  “Beverages & Breath” Workshops, 1:1 customized Breath & Mindset training for entrepreneurs, leaders, teams/employees and executives.


I feel so strongly that these skills are true, much-needed gifts to new mothers. There are so many moments of new and really of all motherhood that feel isolated, where confidence is just missing and when being the one in charge is heavy and daunting. When Sandy says Breathe to Succeed she is speaking to parents of all ages and stages. Remembering of course, success is however we define it, she equips women with the tools they need to parent not only the next generation but themselves as well. 


Read on, Breathe on and feel as fortunate as I do for Sandy and her stunning, boundless  energy leading the way.