Must Keep Laughing

There is little to laugh about these days. I can spell it out, list the horrors – one by one. Rather, I am going to share with you how I am making it through. There will likely be many of you who imagine the answer is LEVAIN COOKIES. And that is not a bad guess – in fact, not a bad idea at all….Fiction, while yes, I am lucky to be in an escapist one-two punch of Emma Straub and Linda Holmes’ latest volumes that is not it either. Yoga – is a given – and not really for laughter. And I think you are all aware I am just days away from our new puppy. I have got the good stuff. But this is not what will keep me laughing.

The answer dearest friend of the It’s Working Project is Smartless, yup – THE SMARTLESS PODCAST. As a gen-Xer, the triad of Justin Bateman, Sean Hayes and Will Arnett are like a gift from the way-back machine. These are the boys who were my brothers – the ones with whom I hung in High School and College. Note for the record, I did not date bros – I dated older boys – these were my hangs – concerts and cheesesteaks in Philly-town Bars and learning to drive a stick-shift on Foxhall in DC. These were my absolute favorite people .And now, when the moment calls for this the most – they have reappeared in the form of the Smartless Podcast. And I laugh and laugh… following the credo – Must Keep Laughing!

I am deeply committed, aka addicted to the weekly fabulousness. It is my salve for the insanity of the moment. And WOW – this is great, pitch-perfect, unscripted and familiar. I am hooked and happy.

Will an hour a week remove the horrors of the day?  Nope, an hour will not. However, it will give me the elusive laugh, out loud and from the core. This is my fix, my addiction – and I suggest you join me!

Smartless is an excellent goal, for all of us…