The Gift of Your Story


Sometimes I imagine that I have nothing else to do but listen. Listen to stories of how we find ourselves making our way from here to there. From one life phase to another. Be it slowly and methodically or rapid fire and unexpected. Or more likely, some combination of both. What we see coming or maybe what we missed. What we registered days or weeks later and what we felt in our  bones long before the actual moment in which the ground shifted right under our feet.


These are your stories of Caring. Caring about all that you feel connected to  – partner, children, parents, career, home, community, siblings, friends, maybe even self. Self – the one who loves to run or cook, read or cycle, garden, paint, renovate or shoot images — there is so much that brings joy. Sadly this so much is what ultimately leaves us gasping for breath while the now well understood and inevitable Panini Press continues to come in hot, making impact with little mercy (I’m melting). Remember the sandwich generation — that sounds nice! 


So I listen and I share. These stories are a gift. They are intimate and powerful. They are authentic and they are honest. They are what I love the most about connecting with each of you and you to each other — the shared stories. 


I am asking for you to share your stories. Ask your friends and family to do the same. We know that we are here, in the Panini Generation. We know that the demographics of older parents (30 year old average) with older parents (living longer as well) means that at the very least – parents will be actively involved with caring for both their children and their parents within the same decade and then onward. 


We need your stories so that we can support each other through sharing.


That is the gift of sharing. Share here.



The Gift of Your Story