How to Find Your Mentor


I have been spending a great deal of time getting to know the world of ClubHouse. What a remarkable universe of engaged souls!  On Friday afternoons (3pm EST) I host a room that is focused on a topic quite near and dear to me:  Mentors, Role Models and Finding Your People.

This room is joy. And a lot of fun. 

There is very much to learn and consider. Here are my big takeaways for successfully being and/or finding a mentor

  • Chemistry is Real. Fall for what you feel. We all have instinct – pay attention not only to the intellectual drivers but also emotional. Do you feel comfortable? Familiar? 
  • Mentors are not only older and wiser – that is an old model. Be open-minded when connecting with mentors –  they are often younger and offer new points of view. Remain open to finding the support you need from those who have different perspectives, skills and experiences. 
  • Be Generous. While of course, maintaining your boundaries is important, being open and kind is equally essential. There is no quid pro quo – nor should there be. Think of the relationship as mutually beneficial and act the same. 
  • Tend to your mentor or mentee relationship. It is critical not to be in the favor business. Mentoring is bigger and bolder than just transactional. It is about exposure, learning, ideating and care. When my mentee hits a homerun my excitement is palpable. It is remarkably satisfying to see her success. Share the feelings – good and bad. 
  • Honesty is worth its weight in gold. Candor between mentor and mentee is essential. Sugarcoating is a waste of time for you both. Use your skills to promote growth and resiliency in your mentee. 


If you’d like to find me – @TheJuliaBeck – I would love to hear from you!