Long January



Somehow this month, this January feels endless. Or so it seems. 

Short days, long dark nights.

I am cold and somehow cold leads to a non-negotiable need to linger longer and longer on the couch (it is a tete-a-tete, I need to be honest and it is the one of the most perfect purchases I’ve made).

The couch calls for my beloved blanket (Yes, get one from Anthro ASAP) and the blanket calls for a book.

Then the dog. Then music. The candle lit and sending good vibes everywhere. Then a nap. Then the best idea ever – popcorn and chocolate for dinner. 


So for those of you who have defined better for yourselves and perhaps feel you are not meeting the mark – consider me your true North – I can absolutely make you feel better about whatever you may not be getting done. 


In the meantime – here is a short list of the things that are keeping me in the spirit of listening to my love of the sensory…



  • Playlists like my current fave by me THIS TOO SHALL PASS including Dolly Parton (Happy Birthday) with Linda Ronstant and Emilou Harris- When we’re gone, long  gone – the only thing that will matter is the love that we shared and the way that we cared- when we were gone, long gone. 


So I must ask – what is on your January short list? What can you share with the rest of us? All ideas welcome!