Our Beloved Sweet & Sour Moms Came To Us with the Winds of March



March is ending. A year of our new reality in the books. To say that this has been a year of extremes is an, well an extreme understatement. The list of lessons and losses is long and sometimes too hard to even process. Optimism is often hard to come by. 


Still, we have our families and friends – even from a distance. And, one remarkable thing, a gift from the chaos and rubble are new friends, to be specific new foodie friends. 


Sarah Bramlett


I met Sarah through time on Clubhouse. There, in the Food & Beverage Magazine rooms, I was drawn to her creativity and her endless spirit and energy. Her cakes and her creativity were just the light we needed, and we had to share.  

Stacie Billis Megan Spawn

I met Meghan and Stacie through an article I wrote for InStyle Magazine. Meghan was one smart and innovative cookie. Stacie was her soul sister, DIJFY Podcast co-host and equally effervescent partner in crime. These two have stolen my heart. 

Chasity Pritchett

I met Chastity through Clubhouse – again thank you Food & Beverage Magazine. This Virginia based entrepreneur is building her way to a new, fabulous place in the olive oil world. My hope is to keep learning about her craft and to meet her IRL in the not too distant future! Savory and so spectacular! 

Megan Day

Finally — BBQ. Wow, meeting Burnt Fingers’ fearless leader Megan has brought new energy and pep to my step. A mother, a pitmaster and a woman who knows who she is and where she is going. When we first crossed paths on Clubhouse, we were in a Food & Beverage Magazine room – I knew I needed to know more. And of course, share it with my It’s Working Project Family. 


So now you know — our beloved Sweet & Sour Moms came to us with the winds of March. What an absolute treat!


Stay tuned – April promises a month of Super-Star Moms…entrepreneurs who have bloomed into bold successes, shining as far as the eye can see!