Marlene Sanders, Unapologetic Journalist; Beloved Mother

Marlene Sanders in 1966, covering the war in Vietnam as a correspondent for ABC News. Credit ABC News

Last Tuesday marked the passing of Marlene Sanders, a pioneering television reporter who epitomized what it’s working looks like. More than an inspiration to the generations of female journalists who followed the trail she blazed, Marlene was a working mom free from guilt, supported by her spouse, and beloved by her child.

“The key to her success in both journalism and in having a family was she didn’t agonize, she didn’t suffer, she wasn’t guilt-ridden. This was her life,” her son Jeffrey Toobin, a staff writer for The New Yorker and legal analyst for CNN, said in Katherine Rosman’s New York Times postscript dedicated to honoring his mother’s legacy.

Thank you, Marlene, for showing moms–and the world–how it can, and should, work!


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