Fighting the ‘Motherhood Penalty’ with Paternity Leave

Source: Google Images

Making parental leave gender-neutral would go a long way in the climb to workplace gender equality.

There has been little doubt that paternity leave is beneficial for both father and baby, but companies that offer and support these policies are also leveling the playing field for new mothers. And it’s working for both families and employers.

In The Huffington Post, Emily Peck writes:

“Making leave gender-neutral would go a long way toward reducing the so-called motherhood penalty. As one recent study showed, when it’s only women who take parental leave, they’re less likely to be promoted and tend to make less than their male counterparts.”

Not only do leave family policies for both men and women support a more positive work/life balance and employee retention, they support closing the career gap between men and women — something we can all stand behind.


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