Julia Beck on the “Parenting Parity”- It’s Not Working for Consumers

Julia Beck, the founder and visionary behind the It’s Working Project has inspiring words to share with companies lacking family-friendly workplace policies: consumers are watching.

She explains this in a recent article on Medium, “After Amazon: Parental Spending Takes a Time Out” 

“More than ever, consumers are looking for parity — brands that sell to them must also speak to them. Consumers who carefully choose how they spend their money and with which brands are asking for proof of aligned values from their beloved brands.

And this is where the ‘Parenting Parity’ comes in to play. Is there equity? If you sell me diapers (as Julia Cheiffetz, former Amazon employee pointed out) you better not be full of crap in how you support families at the home office.”

Here at the It’s Working Project, we have dedicated ourselves to helping the private sector bring parents back to work with ease, as a matter of course, and with a sense of pride. Beck’s words come as a warning to companies lacking in the family-friendly policy department. The message here is clear- take care of your employees, or risk losing a valuable part of your consumer base.


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