It's Working Project

"You can have it all -- with help, and in your own time"

Which of the following are you trying to fit with your job/career? ________________________________________________________________________

Caring for young children (1-5 years)

Was there ever a time when you felt there was an unspoken barrier or preconceived notion that interfered with your job or career? Please share.

"You can have it all" is the biggest preconceived notion. You cannot have a career, be a present and available mom, take care of your home, love your husband, get back into shape, and look "pretty" while doing all of the above. This is unrealistic. It's society's pressure. It's a toxic culture. And leaves new moms going back to work feeling lonelier than ever—especially those who do not have the funds and resources to outsource any help. We aren't doing any expecting mothers any favors instilling this idea. "You can have it all -- with help, and in your own time" is more like it.

What is one thing you wish your employer understood about you and your life?

I wish my employer understood the amount of stress I was under when I returned to work. I wish there were questions that she weaved into our 1x1's to ask about how my transition was...but it was like I came back to work, and for everyone around me, nothing had changed. Yet my entire life as I knew it was completely different.

If you could change one thing about your job to make it easier for you to fit work with your other professional, educational, or caregiver responsibilities, what would it be?

N/A - I resigned to make my job fit the life I envision for our family.


It was not easy. We were waitlisted at several daycares in Austin, and then we were finally accepted into one of our top choices. Amelia started daycare at 3.5 months old (Sept 2019). Then we pulled her out for a few months due to COVID (March-May 2020) and then found a nanny share that we joined. We paired up with three other families and did that through the rest of the year. Amelia went back to daycare fill time Jan 2021. Did it work? Yes. Were the disruptions ideal? Of course not. Not for any working family in any capacity. During those 3 months that I had her home with me full-time, I was able to work on my startup during nap time. It wasn't much, but it's all I was able to do during that time.

Of all your professional, educational, or caregiver responsibilities, which creates the most stress with your job/career? Please share why?

Since I work for myself, in theory, I have a more flexible schedule. So if my daughter is sick, or if there are mid-week doctor appointments, etc... It's me that stays home or takes our daughter to her appointments. That creates the most stress, and often I can't plan for when my daughter is sick.

Thinking about fitting your job/career with your professional, educational, or caregiver responsibilities, is there anything that used to be manageable that no longer is? Is there anything that used to be able to count on, that you no longer can?

We used to be able to count on our family members in Austin for extra hands and a babysitter in the evening, and since COVID, we haven't been able to rely on any outside help other than Amelia's daycare; which was incredibly inconsistent for the latter half of 2020 due to COVID. Dinner used to be manageable. It's the one thing that drains my bucket more than any other household task. If my husband can't stop working around 4 pm, then I can't make dinner. I'd rather spend that time playing or cuddling with my daughter than trying to manage both.

[If pursuing education] What level of education are you pursuing?__________________________________________________________________________________