It's Working Project

"They offered a bathroom in my building. When I pushed back, they offered a dedicated office in our satellite office two blocks away. "

What is one piece of advice you wish you could offer your former expectant self?

Baby Brain is a real phenomenon.

FOR MOMS: If you breastfed, was there a place for you to pump that met your needs and was conducive to your success? If you breastfed, how did you decide to continue? FOR DADS: What, if any, adjustments did you (or your workplace) make to your schedule after having a baby? Was it specific to your manager or larger, whole work culture?

That we’d lose our bond. The pumping was pretty awful and not at all successful.

How much leave did you take, and how comfortable were you taking it?

I was off for three months. I was excited to go back, but also missed my baby. I felt like part-time would have been the ideal mix of time at home and time at work, but I couldn’t afford to do that.

Who was your biggest source of support in returning to work? What was your biggest pregnancy indulgence?

I had a few friends I leaned on at the time so I didn’t feel quite so alone.