The Gift of the Giving Buzz


This has been a year of stepping up. One in which we gave on so many levels. Some in an effort to course correct, to right the wrong path that seems omnipresent and toxic, to protect ourselves and future generations from what threatens and scares us. And some, simply to remind ourselves that we are not at all helpless as long as we can support and share with each other.


We have voted, marched and given of ourselves  – connected with others in a desire to create change.


And, on a more personal level, we have loved, nurtured, advised, and shared the joy with those who mean so very much to us. We have mourned, wept and lost by their sides as well. And we have generously given our support to those who fell to a lousy blow of fate or timing or some larger force we cannot explain.


We have been there. We will be there.




There is a buzz to giving. It has its own adrenaline. Something that demands relatively little but gives back so very much.


In an interview this week, we spoke a great deal about authenticity. And to me giving is just that, an authentic gesture of care, one that requires nothing – no reciprocation, no quid pro just a simple “thank you” — easy enough.


I saw a woman give another woman directions last week. Simply put — take a left, take a right and your destination will be on your right (no it was not Waze, this was person to person contact). As the woman began on her way to take that first left, I noticed a smile blossom on the face of the direction giver. She had the buzz.


It is the buzz that gives us hope and reminds us that we have each other. And for that we will all remain generous and grateful as there is truly a gift in giving.


Here is to all of us. Our capacity to love and to create. And our desire to care well for each other.


Happy Thanksgiving 2018.