The It’s Working Project provides high-impact, audit-driven strategies to meet the evolving needs of and shifts within the private sector.

Simple Strategies

The It’s Working Project partners with private-sector workplaces as they explore and establish easy-to-execute programs to support working families. The It’s Working Project designs on- and off-ramp strategies (also called “fifth trimester strategies”) that increase successful return and retention outcomes.

Our low-cost, high-impact strategies are designed to course-correct existing concerns and proactively cover the full spectrum of the relationship between, and needs of, employer and parental employee. Our format is a long-overdue nexus between culture and communications – creating ultimate impact and assuring immediate progress. Using our proprietary methodology, we make sense of everything from the complex issues of leave to return resources, calibration, communication and beyond.

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Straightforward, Transparent Policy

These easy-to-implement workplace changes improve employee retention, productivity and morale at a critical juncture in both men’s and women’s careers. We provide real-time solutions to support returning parents and caregivers in your workplace, catered to fit your individual needs.

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On-Brand & Amplified

We help you easily meet existing and future needs, and we help you integrate that commitment into your internal and external messaging.

Some of the ways in which we approach pregnancy, leave & return as a whole are via a careful exploration of off- and on-ramp strategies, including:

• Fully equipped lactation spaces
• Lactation training and support
• Flex-time
• Parental leave cover/planning
• Backup childcare opportunities
• Regular childcare solutions
• Parental support mentoring
• Streamlined leave policies
• Transparent policies
• Communications planning

AND, messaging – telling the rich, robust story of your commitment via highly engaging internal and external messaging, campaign development, tactics and protocols that highlight best practices with pride.

For more information, please contact the It’s Working Project to begin the conversation.

"For private sector companies committed to supporting new families, the It's Working Project is the ideal partner to create straightforward, easy-to-execute policies and resources in the workplace. As we've seen time and again, corporations that take care of their working families see greater retention, improved morale and better productivity--even positive media coverage!”

Peg Moline, Founding Editor in Chief, Fit Pregnancy Magazine

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