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There’s an App for that: IBM’s New Policies are a Win for Breastfeeding Moms

Pumping breast milk can be hard for some moms. Shipping said pumped milk (aka liquid gold) is a colossal pain for ALL moms—refrigeration, transport, and TSA regulations, oh my! That is, unless you’re a breastfeeding mom who works for IBM.

Solidifying its nearly 30-year place on Working Mother’s list of the 100 Best Companies, the tech giant is rolling out a program for nursing moms that makes other companies’ breast milk shipping reimbursement programs pale in comparison.

The Washington Post has the details.

“We do all the work so the mother doesn’t have to think about any of the details,” Barbara Brickmeier, vice president of benefits at IBM, told The Washington Post.

Indeed, nursing moms planning travel simply download the app, enter accommodation details, estimate amount of temp-controlled packages needed, and voila—thanks to the marvels of modern technology and a corporate commitment to bringing working moms back to work with ease, as a matter of course, and with a sense of pride—pre-addressed and pre-paid shipping packages will be ready at the hotel for overnight shipment.

Nothing says, “we care about retaining female talent” like a no charge, no hassle way to facilitate being a great mom and a great employee. Way to show the rest of them how it can work, IBM!

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