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I could not be more excited to introduce you to some women I adore and admire in the world of maternal and juvenile fashion. So much so that I’ve built in a little extra love for you, our It’s Working Project friend. Here it is: an opportunity to win an extraordinary prize package – a bit of luxe from some of these legendary brands, and a chance to enjoy the new spark about to leavea bold new mark in emerging lines in the pregnancy and nursing market. So read on. And when you are done please enter to win, share your story and spread the word!

So, what makes this newsletter unique? I have had the great privilege of personally working with each of these Portrait Project Parents over the years. The one thing that stands out – these are innovators truly cut from a different cloth. Each took a very personal real-time experience or passion, identified an unmet need and sewed together a bold new business built of market-understanding, drive and know-how. Am I being too punny? Perhaps… But these women can take it, they have as much good spirited humor as they do smarts. And as you will learn, their savvy and continued success speaks for itself.

Ingrid Carney – You know the Bellaband, but do you know it’s remarkable, visionary founder, Ingrid Carney? Ingrid and I first met what feels like a lifetime ago. It was early in her brand’s history – so early in fact that I have her contact details on a piece of folded grid paper, not even a business card. Why is this significant? It speaks to the length of her journey and also the remarkable commitment of Ingrid Carney not only to her first, disruptive product (again so long ago, the Bellaband was not considered disruptive, that was not a “thing”) that simply and perfectly helped women find comfort in non-maternity clothing during and after pregnancy – but to building a scalable brand that met the full spectrum of an expectant and new mother’s wardrobe needs. The brand’s tag line – “yes you look beautiful” underscores her deep seated understanding of how elusive confidence and true comfort are to all mothers. She continues to expand and create products that reflect her unwavering optimism and joy.  And, to this day, Ingrid continues to build the Ingrid & Isabel brand with the truest needs of women in mind.

Heidi Rauch – Heidi is a remarkable example of power and purpose (not to mention endless energy and enthusiasm). Plus, Heidi is as easy to be with as her fashions are to wear! Founded in 2001, Belabumbum (which means beautiful bum in Portuguese!) is equal parts absolutely stunning and ethically sourced. While most of us know Belabumbum’s scene stealing (featured in the media season after season) and highly coveted collections featuring luscious intimates, cozy sleep & lounge and super- charged active wear –  what may be missing from the story is an understanding of the brand‘s commitment to nurturing women all over the globe though the whole of their supply chain, sourcing their stunning and ever-evolving collections and assuring job security in nine factories in countries such as Brazil, Peru, Columbia and Mexico. Born as a bold “what’s next” after a decade of work in Central America, Belabumbum was founded as a social enterprise — a company that contributes to improve social and economic outcomes as it does business.  Heidi has remained true to the brand’s vision, lives these authentic values and has built a culture to be proud of. You would be hard-pressed to find a mother who is not a fan of Belabumbum, a ‘must have’ item for expectant and nursing mothers alike.

Rachel Blumenthal – Rachel is living and leading the new parent lifestyle experience. Rachel’s new business, Rockets of Awesome and prior to that, her Cricket’s Circle, reflect her passion for both understanding and super-serving new parents. Rachel is a master of content, community and engagement. As a young mother of two (that is a business for each baby if you are doing the math!!) she has her finger on the pulse of parental lifestyle. Rachel understands the true value of time as a critical resource in a new parent’s life – you will enjoy her interview where she confesses that naps are her biggest indulgence! Rachel has built her own brands with an obvious nod to the commodity of time, developing concepts which not only eliminate guesswork, but also avoid wasting a parent’s precious time. First by curating products via Cricket’s Circle and now offering a bold and overdue new way for parents to shop for for kids clothing in a venture called Rockets of Awesome – Rachel and her innovative ideas continue to take off. Her willingness to disrupt the juvenile clothing market is likely just another chapter in what is sure to be her continued soaring success story.

We have an amazing prize pack for one lucky reader featuring extraordinary companies that are near and dear to our hearts.  

Padma Chemise and Robe from Belabumbum  – value $132
Darla Dress from Nourish Collection – value $108
2 maternity tees from Capers Maternitees – value $72
1 top from Loyal Hana (winner can pick) – value $110
2 Bellabands, a dress (winner can pick) and a seamless outfit (leggings and a cami) from Ingrid and Isabel – value $250

Total value $672

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