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We are painting a compellingly candid portrait of new parents in the American workplace. We are creating a comprehensive view, a mosaic of personal narratives to uncover a rich, compelling and starkly honest depiction of life as a young family in the American workplace.

The It’s Working Project was founded by Forty Weeks, which has dedicated its mission to communicating with, and on behalf of, expecting and new parents. The It’s Working Project is the next step in this story. We are deeply committed to telling the truest story of work in America through the sharp, highly personal lens of those living the experience.

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The It’s Working Project is B Corporation (Benefit Corporation); our purpose is to actively support the American workforce and the private sector to develop strategies for bringing young families back to work with ease, as a matter of course and with a sense of pride.

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Julia Beck

Julia Beck, founder of the It’s Working Project has been an active and engaged industry innovator for more than 17 years. As the category’s definitive elder statesman and strategic partner, Julia and her team have been on the leading edge of the conversation and challenges at the center of the expectant and parent universe. Julia’s unique perch and her cadre of cross-industry connections have led her on a path that at once supports women and families and also sees the unmet needs in a way that allows for private sector engagement as a winning tool for all.  While Julia is “all ears” and interested in the policy debate, she remains squarely committed to the idea that the shortest path to much-needed solutions lie in partnerships and private sector commitments to paradigm shifts. Her rich history of building successful public-private partnerships and promotional programs has led her to this moment of change.

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