It's Working Project

"No matter how many people tell you how things will change, I don't think you can truly understand it until you're in it. Its a lot harder than I ever imagined yet also more rewarding."

What is one piece of advice you wish you could offer your former expectant self?

Really take care of yourself and take time for yourself. Enjoy time with your friends and husband because afterwards you will be consumed with this awesome new being. No matter how many people tell you how things will change, I don’t think you can truly understand it until you’re in it. Its a lot harder than I ever imagined yet also more rewarding.

What was your primary motivation for deciding to return (or not) to work? How early did you tell your employer?

I love what I do, so returning to work was a no-brainer.

FOR MOMS: If you breastfed, was there a place for you to pump that met your needs and was conducive to your success? If you breastfed, how did you decide to continue? FOR DADS: What, if any, adjustments did you (or your workplace) make to your schedule after having a baby? Was it specific to your manager or larger, whole work culture?

I have my own practice so, yes there is a room that’s very comfortable to pump. I plan on breastfeeding/nursing till she is at least a year old. Breast milk has everything she needs to keep her immune system in check.

How much leave did you take, and how comfortable were you taking it?

Because I run two businesses, things never completely stopped. I was always in the loop, still returning phone calls, emails, setting up appointments. I was in the office until I was 38 weeks and returned a text the day after delivering apologizing for taking a day to call back. They all laughed and said I was crazy when I told them I just had a baby a day ago. I am now only back in the office 2 times a week which will slowly increase to 3 and then 4. I’m very lucky to have that flexibility but the work doesn’t stop because I’m not there.

How easy was it to put a childcare arrangement together and did it work for your family?

We are very lucky to have family nearby. and I am back in the office for now 2 days a week so it wasn’t too challenging. My parents and in-laws have been wonderful and are able to take care of my daughter.


When did the “new normal” set in for you?

I think it’s constantly changing but when she was 10 weeks, things got a bit easier.

What was your biggest challenge going back to work?

Scheduling appointments with time to pump in between clients and trying to make it home so I can put her to bed.

Who was your biggest source of support in returning to work? What was your biggest pregnancy indulgence?

My husband and my mom. My biggest pregnancy indulgence was ice cream!


Fill in the blanks: As a working parent, I never expected ____ would be so hard and ____ would be so much easier!

As a working parent, a good day is when my baby is happy and in goods hands and I can concentrate on taking care of my clients during their pregnancy.

As a working parent, a bad day is when _____ and a good day is when _______.

As a working parent, a bad day is when no one in our house gets sleep.