It's Working Project

“Things went exactly as planned. We gave a lot of thought to timing, child care, and transitioning ahead of time.”

What is one piece of advice you wish you could offer your former expectant self?

Enjoy the journey – spend less time worrying about what is to come and celebrate what is now.

How much leave did you take, and how comfortable were you taking it?

I returned part time after 8 weeks with James;  I returned part time after 6 weeks with Jacob.  I returned to full time work with both after 12 weeks. Things went exactly as planned.  We gave a lot of thought to timing, childcare, and transitioning ahead of time.

Who was your biggest source of support in returning to work? What was your biggest pregnancy indulgence?

My husband … my wonderful, wonderful husband.

I indulged in all things beef with James and ICE CREAM with Jacob.

Fill in the blanks: As a working parent, I never expected ____ would be so hard and ____ would be so much easier!

I never expected the financial aspects would be so hard and the love would be so much easier! Loving my family is the easiest thing I’ve EVER done in life.