It's Working Project

"Working as a mother reminds me that I am still capable of doing anything I choose to.”

Doing the Right Thing at the Right Time


For entrepreneur Stacy Borroto, there was no question that she would work after she started her family—but the challenge was how to make going back to work make emotional and economic sense. A problem familiar to many a working mom.

“I kept asking myself, am I doing the right thing?” Stacy recalls of how she grappled with ramping up her work schedule after her first child. “We only get these babies for such a short time!”

There was no right answer and so Stacy compromised, staying home with her children, but also working with clients that came her way through referral. Then this past year, with the youngest able to attend a program if Stacy needs time to work, she launched her new business The OC Nest, a boutique real estate brokerage.

Stacy is finding that she is even more productive than she was prior to having children thanks to time-blocking, prioritizing, and her accountability relationship with fellow mom and entrepreneur Laurie Rowen, co-founder of Montage Legal.

“Working as a mother reminds me that I am still capable of doing anything I choose to.”

So how is Stacy finding life as a working mother who can be there for her clients and her kids? “My family has supported me 110%, kids included. I love having the opportunity to show my family that if you want something bad enough, with time and persistence you can create the life you have imagined. My family is my team both personally and professionally, they motivate, move and inspire me to be better and do great things each and every day. I feel truly blessed!