A Happy 4th of July: Triple Mat Leave for US Navy & Marine Corps!


With memories of apple pie and our star-spangled forefathers still fresh in our holiday weekend’s mind, we have found yet another reason to be proud to be an American: 18 weeks paid maternity leave for US Navy & Marine Corps troops.

Sure, the US is lagging behind most industrialized nations when it comes to its maternity leave (keeping company with Papa New Guinea at the bottom of the list), but this is a huge step forward in a place you might least expect it.

While women currently only make up about 7 percent of the Corps, Navy Secretary Ray Mabus wants to increase that number to 25% (a 1 in 4 ratio). And he knows there’s no better way to show talented female troops his commitment to their ability to serve both their country and their families, than to make it possible for them to come back to work with ease, as a matter of course, and with a sense of pride. We couldn’t agree more!

If you’re proud of the US Navy & Marine Corps for this progressive new policy, snap a photo in front of an American flag or landmark #ItsWorkingInTheUS.